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This page shows some example programs for the CPRog software. Please get in contact if you application is not covered...

The matrix motion in CPRog

Matrix Motion

E.g. to grip work pieces form an rectangular tray it is not necessary to program all singele positions. CPRog can handle two loops that increment the x and y parts of the target position. The gripping motion is inside a sub program.

Program Files:

Please save both files in the c:\CPRog\Data\Programs folder.

Please test this program in simulations, not with the real robot. E.g. starting positions etc have to be adapted to your specific set up!

Please refer to the commands specification for further information on the variable commands: Command Reference

Trouble shooting:

  • If the robot does not perform the complete pattern, please check if the motion might exceed the motion limits. This is shown in the log messages tab on the bottom of CPRog
  • Take a look at the variables in the variables tab on the bottom of CPRog. This helps to find problem
  • Precision: If the real robot approaches the positions with offsets it might be necessary to perfom a fine calibration. Please have a look at the according page Define the zero position offsets or get in contact!

For questions please get in contact: support@cpr-robots.com