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Here you can find updates for the CPRog robot programming environment and the according documentation.

Attention! When using the standard installation directory the installation is done on top of the current program version. This will not delete user generated files (program files or the license) but will update the standard configuration files and doing this erase user changes. To prevent this rename the old installation e.g. to c:\CPRogold.

Download current CPRog Robot Programming Environment

Version 10: For robolink arms and drylin 3 axis gantries.

Improved motion with acceleration profile, improved condition parser. Notice: Program syntax changes, V09 programs will not run without adaptions!

Software: Download latest CPRog V902-10 Installer

Documentation EN: robolink User Guide

Documentation DE: robolink Bedienungsanleitung

Command Reference EN: CPRog Command Reference

Version 09: For Mover and robolink arms.

Download latest CPRog V902-09 Installer

This version supports the following robots: Mover4, Lucas-Nuelle Mover4HD, Mover5, Mover6, SRA, igus_gantry, igus robolink. The correct project with your specific robot arm can be loaded using the 'open project' menu entry in the upper left circle.

Attention!! The 'gripper' command since V08 operates the gripper now. This allows to make use of more complex grippers with servodrives and several joints. The previous use of the digital outputs 11 and 12 does not work anymore. Existing programs have to be adapted.

Change Log V10

  • V902-10-016, Mar 14th, 2018 Cartesian Compensation Available, several bus eliminated
  • V902-10-013, Jan 22nd, 2018 Debugging imprecisions 5A kinematic, interpolator
  • V902-10-012, Dec 3rd, 2017 Debugging (CRI-Server cart motion and DOut, Exception with missing interent connection)
  • V902-10-012, Sept 6th, 2017 Removed imprecision in 5 axis kinematic; debugging RL-DQ with y-Translation
  • V902-10-009, Oct 19th, 2017 Initial Upload

Change Log V09

  • V902-09-010, Aug 14th, 2017 robolink DQ added, bug in DIO module removed, PLC Interface and reference-in-one added
  • V902-09-009, May 18th, 2017 Major updates, still minor debugging to do. Text editor with several programs, igus robolink variants added
  • V902-09-006, Nov. 17th, 2016 GearPlay added for CANV2 (Mover6), minor debugging
  • V902-09-005, Nov. 15th, 2016 Joypad direction can be set in project file, minor debugging, igus robots added
  • V902-09-004 Nov . 4nd 2016 Minor debugging
  • V902-09-003 Nov . 2nd 2016 Preliminary! general debugging
  • V902-09-002 Nov . 1st 2016 Preliminary! graphics debugging, alignment, gripper command, syntax check in textedit, general debugging



Installation has to be done in c:\CPRog. CPRog requires a specific DirectX version and the .net framework. If an old version is updated no changes are necessary. If the installation is done the first time on the computer the files can be installed here:

When the installer starts from CD these frameworks are loaded from the CD. When the installer starts without CD it tries to download the frameworks from the internet. This requires a running internet connection and takes quite a time. Alternatively install by hand.