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CPRog uses different robot specific parameter, e.g. maximum allowable joint velocities or the minimum and maximum allowable joint motion. These parameter are defined in XML files and can be adapted to the specific needs.

!!! Please be aware that changing these parameter might lead to collisions and other problems! Change the parameter with care and in small increments. Perform tests after the changes. !!!

1. Location of the parameter file

Example robot parameter file

The robot parameter files are located in the robot directory in c:\CPRog\Data\Robots, e.g.: C:\CPRog\Data\Robots\igus_5DOF_BV\igus_5DOF_BV.xml

These XML files can be opened with any text editor. Changes take effect after changing the file and restarting CPRog.

Attention: Follow the English number notation and use "." as separator, not ","!

2. Joint velocity

Line 37 with the tag "JointVelocities" defines the maximum rotational velocitiy of each joint in °/s.

Pay attention to:

  • During manual jogging only 50% of this velocity is allowed. The full velocity is reached during replay with 100% in a program.
  • When increasing the velocity problems may occur:
    • Overcurrent Error when the current consumption is too high
    • Position Lag Error when the joints PID controller cannot reach the set point commands fast enough

With the Config Software ModuleCtrl it is possible to adapt the joint modules parameter, either to set them higher, or to disable the error by setting to zero.

3. Joint min/max travel limits

Line 36 with the tag "SoftwareMinMax" defines the allowed motion ranges for the joints. It is not possible in CPRog to move the joint out of these limits.

Pay attention to:

  • When increasing these limits collisions might occur that have been prevented before!

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