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Tools, Tips and Troubleshooting for the Commonplace Robotics Mover4 robot arm and Slider platform

We are currently setting up this wiki, it will be filled with more information and solutions continuously.

This wiki contains:

  • Robot Info:
  • Interfacing
    • Interfacing: How to interact with the Mover4 and SRA? Here is an verview.
      • CRI Ethernet Interface: Connect via Ethernet to the robot control and send your commands
      • CAN Protocol: Write your own robot controller and send the CAN commands directly
      • ROS Integration: Use our ROS packages to integrate the robots into a ROS environment
      • External Motion Command: Deprecated! Use the external motion command inside of CPRog

  • Force Torque Controller
    • SensorViz: A software tool to show force torque sensor readings.
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