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Which use cases are suitable for the Mover robot arms?

The Mover4 and Mover6 robot arms have been developed for educational purposes, R&D tasks and entertainment applications. The Mover provides an intuitive entry in robotics and is available at quite low costs (please have a look at our online shop). But it is not a magic device so it cannot replace a standard industrial robot.

Regarding velocities, precision etc please have a look at the specifications page.

The Mover robot arms are suitable for the following use cases:

  • Education, R&D and other comparable tasks
  • Pick-and-place tasks
  • Positioning of sensors and cameras
  • Testing touch screens
  • Standard joint and linear motions with 4 or 6 joints

The Mover robot arms are _not_ suitable for the following use cases:

  • Replacing a standard industrial robot arm
  • Industrial production
  • Continuous operation
  • High precision tasks regarding a precise end position or a precise path
  • Tasks that require smooth and slow motions like drawing writing engraving milling ...
  • Tasks that require to apply force on a defined vector like pressing parts into a fitting

Please get in contact ( if you are not sure with the application you have in mind. We are looking forward to discuss it with you!