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The igus robolink robot arms in combination with the CPR modular control are intended to solve small automation tasks in manufacturing, research and development, or in education areas.


See the igus robolink page for details on the available versions.

  • 5 axis small version
    • Payload: 0.5 kg
    • Reach: 600 mm fully extended; when gripping objects from above the reach is limited to approx. 450 mm
  • 5 axis big version
    • Payload: 2.5 kg
    • Reach: 750 mm fully extended; when gripping objects from above the reach is limited to approx. 580 mm

The limitations in reach are the result of the hand that has to be in a perpendicular position in most gripping cases. Also the motion quality is better when the arm is not fully extended.


  • Repeatability: better 0.5 mm with identical load

Repeatability: This is the deviation when the robot aproaches the same position several times.

Absolute Precision: This is the precision the robot approaches a xyz coordinate. This is e.g. important in camera based applications. The absolute precision is worse then the repeatability.

Velocity and Cycle Times

  • The joint velocities are between 45 and 60°/s
  • Cartesian velocites are possible up to 300 mm/s, depending on the situation
  • Cycle times below 5s are for many cases not quite realistic


Perfectly suited applications are: Pick-and-place, assembly, quality assurance, ...

Discussion and verification tests are required e.g. in camera based gripping of small objects, low cycle times, precise path following in milling or writing, ...

We do have several robots in our workshop, it is possible to set up verification experiments. This way we can test if the robolink arm is well suited for the application. Please get in contact!

General Pros and Cons


  • Low investment cost
  • Easy to use graphical programming environment
  • Easy maintenance due to straight forward mechanical design and separation of mechanics and electronics


  • High speed applications are not supported, joint speed is limited to 45 to 60 °/s
  • The application has to confirm with the available number of joints and payload / reach limits

For more detailed discussion please get in contact with us: info(at)