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The pluin interface is available in CPRog only. It is not available in TinyCtrl.

There are prebuild plugins for the IFM O2D cameras.

It is possible to program a custom plugin. Please find the following material:

  • VisualStudio C# project for an example plugin that provides a position to CPRog
    • Download and extract
    • Build PluginExample.dll
    • Copy the dll to c:\CPRog\Data\Plugins
    • Now the dll is found by CPRog, please verify in the logMessages.log file with the entry "PluginManager: Added Plugin PluginExample"
  • Robot program to test the plugin
    • Download PluginTest.xml
    • Copy the to c:\CPRog\Data\Programs
    • Load in CPRog and start the robot program

Now the dll is loaded and provides a position to the robot program. The robot (please test e.g. a robolink RL-D-RBT-3322S) moves to the position x=300 y=500 z=200. You can also see the values of the target position and target class in the variables tab on the bottom of CPRog.

Now you can change the dll according to your needs.

For support please mail to