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Platform Documentation

Here you can find the user guide for the different mobile platforms available:

  • Platform-Small-Conveyor for Lucas-Nülle:

Download DE-Version: [Bedienungsanleitung Platform-Small-Conveyor]

Download EN-Version: (will follow)

Video: [Einbau / Ausbau des Akku] (siehe auch Dokumentation)

  • Platform-Mid with robolink-Arm:

Download DE-Version: [Bedienungsanleitung_MobilePlatformMid]

Download EN-Version: (will follow)

CPRog Software Documentation and Download

The mobile Platforms run on CPRog V13.

Download link: [CPRog V13]

Documentation (currently only in German, English version will follow): [Bedienungsanleitung CPRog V13-AMR]


In case of questions please contact CPR-Support!