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The configuration of the robot system is defined by a project file. This file e.g. defines which robot is used, how many IO modules are available, or if a linear axis is coupled.

The project file is the file "/home/root/TinyCtrl/Data/Projects/EmbeddedCtrl.prj" on the embedded linux board. It is a standard XML file and can be swapped with other project files, or changed in a standard text editor. It is important to also change the contents of the project file used in CPRog. If the two project files are not identical, then problems might occur during programming and the execution of the programs.

To change or to adapt the files an FTP client can be used, e.g. FileZilla. Please find a guide on how to use this FTP client here: FTP and putty Access.

There are two ways to proceed: change the project file, or adapt it.

Change the Project File

If there are several project files in the folder you can rename them:

  • Connect the FTP client to the embedded control
  • Change into the folder /home/root/TinyCtrl/Data/Projects/
  • Rename the current project file into e.g. "EmbeddedCtrl_BAK_Date.prj"
  • Rename another available project file into "EmbeddedCtrl.prj"
  • Restart the control
  • You can verify the new project by viewing LogFile "/home/root/TinyCtrl/logMessages.log", you can open it with the FTP client

Change the Project File Contents

You can also open the project file using the FTP client and then make changes by hand. This can be useful e.g. to add another DIO module. Please refer to the CPRog project files in "c:\CPRog\Data\Projects\ for examples.