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Tools, tips and troubleshooting for the Commonplace Robotics Mover4, Mover6 and SRA robot arms and the Slider platform.

We are constantly extending and updating this Wiki, please get in contact info(at) for missing information!


igus robolink

Programming Environment CPRog

How to interface with the CPR robots

  • PLC Interface: Using digital Inputs / Outputs the robot can be controlled (enable, start, stop, ..) by a master PLC
  • Plugin Interface: A plugin mechanism allows direct integration of existing or custom functionality in CPRog
  • CRI Ethernet Interface: Connect via network connection. Find documentation and example code here
  • CAN Protocol: Write your own robot controller that directly sends commands to the CAN bus. Documentation and example code
  • ROS packages: Integrate the robots into your ROS environment. Documentation and packages for hardware communication, teleop and moveIt

Hardware Configuration

Troubleshooting and Assistance