Restore SD Card of Embedded Computer

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These instructions are labelled as "advanced" and are meant for an audience generally familiar with partitioning disks and writing disk images.

In case the embedded computer fails to boot, it can no longer be pinged ( and even after ca. 2 min the motor modules of the modular control electronics are not blinking their green LEDs. A possible cause is a corrupt micro SD-card. Usually this can be resolved by re-flashing a disk image:

What you need to know in advance: Find out what type of robot you have. If you have used the robot before, you must have CPRog or iRC installed. Once the software has started you will likely find the name of the robot in the title bar of the CPRog or iRC software. The string in the title bar is composed of <Software Name> <Version Number> <Robot Type>, e.g. "iRC - igus Robot Control - V902-11-028 - DLE-RG-0001". In this case your robot type is "DLE-RG-0001". This is important when using the updater in the last step.

  1. Switch off the electronics and disconnect the mains cable.
  2. Download the image:
    1. (file hash, for checking the integrity of the download: )
  3. Download win32-diskimager:
  4. Remove the micro SD-card from the embedded computer and insert it into your windows PC.
  5. Delete both partitions on the micro SD-card in Windows:
    1. Open Disk Management on your Windows computer by right-clicking "This PC" or "My Computer" and select "Manage".
    2. Locate the micro SD-card in the list of drives. (Make absolutely sure that you have located the correct drive! In the worst case you could accidentally delete one of the partitions of your windows PC and thereby lose data.)
    3. Right click on the "boot" partition and select "Delete Volume". (Careful! There may be more than on partition named "boot". Make sure you select the correct one.)
    4. Right click on the un-named partition (probably about 3.45GB) and select "Delete Volume" (Careful! There may be more than one partition of 3.45GB. Make sure you select the correct one.)
  6. Now that you have a clean micro SD card, start win32diskimager (download link above).
  7. Select Image File: sdimage.img that you have downloaded in the second step.
  8. Select the sd-card device on the right. Make absolutely sure that you have selected the correct image. In the worst case you could accidentally overwrite a partition of your windows PC and thereby lose data.
  9. Select "Write" to write the image to the micro SD-card.
  10. Once finished, eject/unmuont the SD card and insert it into the embedded computer.
  11. Turn on the embedded computer and wait at least 2 Minutes.
  12. The use the updater (Updater iRC or CPRog, and TinyCtrl for EmbeddedControl: ) to install the correct software for your robot. The updater comes in two flavors that do not differ in functionality: use either the CPRog Updater or the iRC Updater