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It is possible to show custom objects, e.g. desks or workpieces in CPRog.

CPRog with a box - the robot might be too small...

Basic Procedure:

  • File Types .obj (Alias Wavefront) or .stl (without color)
  • The file should be located in c:\CPRog\Data\Cell\
  • The files should be small, that means have a low polygon count. The export directly out of a CAD system is normally too big.
  • Add a line to your project file (-->which project file am I using right now?), e.g. before the lines with the PLCInterface:

<StaticSceneObject Name="Base" Geometry="Box_300x400x320.obj" Parent="-1" Gravity="False" Sensable="False" Process="None" OffsetX="400" OffsetY="0" OffsetZ ="0" OffsetRX="0" OffsetRY="0" OffsetRZ="0" FlipMesh="True"/>

  • The Tag Geometry contains the filename of the scene object.
  • The position is defined in the tags OffsetX, OffsetY, OffsetZ.

The example file mentioned in the line above can be downloaded here: [1]. Save the file (right click, Save as) in the c:\CProg\Data\Cell folder, if it is not already there.