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Sometimes neither going through the manual, the troubleshooting guides (Robot Hardware Troubleshooting and CPRog Software Troubleshooting) or the information contained in this wiki help with the particular answers one is looking for. We are constantly working on improving the manuals and guides and we are always happy to help.


E-Mail: In an E-Mail, next to a description of the fault, often pictures say more than a thousand words.

  • A screenshot/photo/video of a particular error can help us a great deal and almost always speeds up the process of finding the underlying cause of a problem to find the solution.
  • The log files are an invaluable tool for us to find solutions to software issues. This article explains where to find them and how to easily add them to your E-Mail.
  • If you are troubleshooting a custom program in CPRog, please attach the corresponding xml file.


You can also give us a call under +49 5402 968929-0 (in Germany, GMT+1).

  • If you have access to the robot while on the phone, this usually helps a great deal. In that way we can diagnose together and try out a potential remedy right away.

Remote Assistance