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To establish a connection between Linux embedded control and PC, the Network adapter of the PC has to be configured for an IP in the address range I usually chose IP address as shown below.

PC IP, subnet
  • Power off the robot. Disconnect the power supply from mains power.
  • Plug the LAN cable into the right LAN socket at the DCi robot and into your Windows computer on the other end.
  • Power on the Robot, disengage emergency stop.
  • Wait until the Green LEDs of the stepper motor boards at the back of the robot start blinking.
  • Start CPRog and open the correct project file for your robot.
  • Connect DCi Robot/TinyCtrl to a Laptop via LAN.
  • click Connect, reset, enable. The robot should now be ready for referencing, which can be done via the Teach Pendant. However, since CProg is already running, I would now reference the Robot in CPRog (but that's just personal preference).