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Name Description Link
AE Stands for "Abtriebencoder", which is an output encoder, i.e. an encoder mounted at the gear rather than at the motor.
A1, A2, A3... Robot axes (same as J1, J2, J3,...): A1 would be the first axis/joint counting from the base of the robot.
backlash synonymous with gear play.
CAN bus Controller Area Network bus
CPR Commonplace Robotics GmbH
CPRog 3D robot programming and control software with graphical program editor
DIO Digital input/output Digital_Inputs_/_Outputs
DOF Degrees of Freedom / the number of robot joints or axes.
J1, J2, J3,... Robot joints (same as A1, A2, A3): J1 would be the first joint/axis counting from the base of the robot.
gear play synonymous with backlash
ME Motor encoder, i.e. an encoder mounted directly at the motor
PLC Programmable Logic Controller
ROS Robot Operating System
SRA Service Robot Arm
TinyCtrl CPR Robot control software for embedded linux computers