Add External Axis

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The robot control can handle up to 3 external joints (from version V902-11-024 on, the earlier version support 1 external joint). This page shows how to set up, test and configure the joints.


Caution! This should be done only be experts with experience with the robot control.

Incorrect changes might lead to damages in the robot, the control and the surrounding set up. After an update test every function of the robot has to be tested in detail. Motor temperatures have to be monitored!

Attention! We are currently working on this page!

Install the hardware

Configure the External Joint in the Software

  1. The updater can be downloaded here: IgusRobotControl-EN or IgusRobotControl-DE. It contains the software for the embedded control, and an according iRC version.
  2. Please find user guides for your robot here: Documentation.
  3. Configure the external joint in the Data tab of the programming environment.

Adapt the FirmWare Parameter

  1. Download the firmware parameter
  2. Adapt currents, referencing speed and direction, and ini sensor type
  3. Upload the firmware parameter
  4. Cold start the robot control
  5. Test the external joints