Configure for a different robot

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Caution! This should be done only be experts with experience with the robot control.

Incorrect changes might lead to damages in the robot, the control and the surrounding set up. After an update test every function of the robot has to be tested in detail. Motor temperatures have to be monitored!

Check the Hardware

There are two motor controller versions available, a low current and a high current version. The modules in the robot control have to fit to the target kinematic. E.g. a delta robot needs 3 high current motor modules.

If the motor modules are not of the correct type the firmware parameter might not fit. This might lead to not enough torque, or to too high motor temperatures.

Use the Updater to install the new Embedded Control software

The updater can be downloaded here: IgusRobotControl-EN or IgusRobotControl-DE It contains the software for the embedded control, and an according iRC version.

Please find user guides for your robot here: Documentation.

After downloading follow the contained user guide. Start the updater and press the three buttons on the left side:

  1. Test the connection to the embedded control
  2. Make a backup of the current software on the embedded control
  3. Install a complete new control. Choose the according zip file based on your kinematic

The embedded control will restart then.

Use the Updater to install the according iRC Windows software

Also install a new version of the iRC software. Use the updater for this task.

Load the according robot project.

Move the robot only in a safe way! Always have the emergency button in reach! Always stay out of the motion area of the robot!

You can connect and move the joints now, but do not try to reference. Referencing speeds and directions might not fit, they are updated in the next section.

Update the Firmware Parameter of the Motor Modules

The new kinematic needs different firmware parameters on the motor moduls. This might e.g. be the referencing direction or motor currents.

  1. Start iRC and connect to the embedded control
  2. In the File tab press "Set Amp configuration"
  3. The file-open dialog starts in /Data/Backup/. Navigate to /Data/Robots/YourRobot/.
  4. Choose the according firmware parameter .dat file, e.g. AmpParam_RL-DP-5.dat for a DP-5 robot arm
  5. Now the parameter are uploaded you can see the green LEDs blinking on the single motor modules
  6. There will be a success message at the end. If there is an error message repeat this step or get in contact with support
  7. Make a cold restart of the control by disconnecting it from the power supply. Some parameter are only read at start up


The robot control should now be in a state that fits to the robot.

  1. Test if you can move every joint in both directions
  2. Test if you can reference the joints. Test only one at a time
  3. Write a short test program and test that velocities, joint limits are ok
  4. Verify that the motors do not get to hot after >1h running the test program