Consistency Check

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When a program written for a small robot is executed on a big robot, failures or even collisions may occur.

To avoid this a consistency check has been introduced in Sept. 2018, CPRog Version V908-10-27, TinyCtrl Version V980-04-32.

Three settings are checked for consistency:

  • The name of the robot
  • The type of the robot
  • The gripper attached to the robot

The consistency is checked between the simulated robot in CPRog and a program that is loaded. If the consistency is valid, then only a short message in the log area is written. If name, type or gripper are not identical an error message is displayed. The user can now choose between aborting and continuing to load the program.

Another consistency check is performed when CPRog connects to a remote robot with the embedded robot control TinyCtrl. Also in this case the consistency of name, type and gripper of the simulated robot in CPRog and the remote connected robot is checked. If both do not match an error message is shown. Then the user should open the according CPRog project. This is done with the circle-menu in the upper left corner, menu entry "Open Project".

Use programs written with an earlier version of CPRog

Old programs that do not contain the information needed to check consistency can be used furtheron without problems:

  • Load the robot program
  • When the error message show up press "No" to continue loading
  • Now open the program in the text editor
  • Save the program using the "Save" menu entry of the test editor

Now the program contains the information on name, type and gripper and will load without message the next time.

Use earlier programs on the TinyCtrl embedded system

Starting with version V980-04-32 TinyCtrl also checks programs for consistency. If you upgraded TinyCtrl old programs will load again after a short update:

  • To proceed you need to work with a current CPRog version
  • Load the program in CPRog
  • follow the steps above to add the consistency information to the program
  • upload the program to the embedded robot again

If the programs are not available in the CPRog /Data/Programs/ directory they can be downloaded from the embedded control using the most right button in the embedded control tab with the folder/robot symbol.