DH Parameter

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This section provides some help if you want to set up your own robot control.

When using the iRC the Denavit-Hartenberg parameter are not necessary, the kinematics is handled internally.

What are DH-Parameter?

  • DH-parameter or Denavit-Hartenberg parameter are a way to describe the kinematic of a robot. This includes the length of connectors, the orientation of joints and similar parameter.
  • Wikipedia provides detailed information: Denavit-Hartenberg-Parameters

Are they used in the iRC?

  • No, the iRC uses a custom description of the kinematics it can handle.

How to compile DH parameter?

  • If you do need the DH parameter for you own robot control they can be set up easily following the descriptions in Wikipedia. There are also other online resources like Excel files etc available.
  • The necessary input data can be found in:
    • The datasheet / technical drawing of the robot. These files are found on the igus web pages of the according product.
    • The parameters the iRC uses can be found in the robot description file, e.g. C:\iRC-igusRobotControl\Data\Robots\igus-REBEL\REBEL-6DOF-01\REBEL-6DOF-01.xml. The line 'Kinematic' contains the values used by the iRC.