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Modular control electronics / robolink robots

What do the LEDs of the DIN Rail Modules indicate?

Problem Cause Solution
Excessively jerky movement or acceleration and stall of the last joint of a robolink robot during initial set up of the robot Wrong encoder direction Swap encoder direction of this joint
Green LEDs on the rail modules are off No power is supplied to the Modules Check the power supply and the fuse.
Motors do not move Check the emergency stop state. The red LED on the support module most not be on. The LED indicates emergency stop Deactivate (=release) emergency stop.
The modules do not react to software commands. The green LEDs are not blinking, they are continuously on There must not be an empty slot between the support module of the electronics and the joint modules. The CAN connection is interrupted by such an empty slot. Ensure there is no empty slot between the modules
The motor stalls: it does not finish a motion and increases in pitch of sound. This happens, when the load of the motor was too high. Check if there was a collision. If this happens several times increase the motor current, see chapter 7 of the manual.
CPRog cannot connect Another application may be using the CAN connection Close or reset the PCAN-View software, if it is running. If the fault persists, restart the PC and power-cycle the robot.

If none of the above solutions have the desired effect, or you have further questions, please get into contact with us. We are happy to help.