Acceleration and Motion Smoothing

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The "smooth" parameter in the CPRog Program editor allows the smoothing of motion commands as depicted below:

Emoothing enabled
Smoothing 0%

High accelerations

Motion commands are smoothed by CPRog, while taking into account the joint accelerations defined by the "acc" parameter in the program editor.

When a value other than 0 % is entered as "smooth" paramter of the motion command corners will be smoothed. This allows the robot to go through the corner at a constant velocity. If corner smoothing is inactive (0 %), the robot stops at every corner. This leads to a more abrupt motion.


  • Acc: Percentage of allowed maximum acceleration, 0...100%
  • Smooth: Amount of smoothing in percent, 0...100%

Non-motion commands like "Wait" or "DOut" interrupt the smoothing of a motion set. So if a very short wait (e.g. 0.1s) is inserted between two motion commands, there will be no smoothing.

Smoothing enabled to various degrees
No motion smoothing