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Caution! The software is subjected to a careful quality assurance before release. Nevertheless, after a software update the robot programs must be checked slowly and first in simulation for possible problems!

Software iRC

New functionality in R13:

  • Motion: faster cycles, smoother motion during jogging, different operations modes
  • Program: Circ motions, improved matrice command, velocity command e.g. for conveyors
  • Interfaces: WiFi interface via AP or infrastructure, Modbus starting different programs via digital inputs
  • Cloud: Remote dashboard for camera picture and telemetry

As a rule, please reinstall both the TinyCtrl software on the robot and the iRC software on the PC so that they have the same version number. Both are included in the updater. Using different version numbers may cause problems.

Updater iRC and TinyCtrl for EmbeddedControl: Updater_iRC_V13-039.zip

iRC-Windows-Software only: Installer_iRC_V13-039.exe

What has changed: Changelog


CAD Data

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