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Here you can find updates for the TinyCtrl robot control software for embedded Linux devices. Also the current documentation is available below.

Download current TinyCtrl version

  • TinyCtrl-Binary for all robot types: Download the latest TinyCtrl binary. Preliminary Version! This binary can be uploaded to the embedded robot control. It is necessary to check all programs for validity and precise positioning after upload!

How to upgrade

There are two ways to upgrade:

Using CPRog to update the binary:

  • Download the TinyCtrl binary (see link above), store the binary e.g. in c:/CPRog/Data/Download/
  • Start the robolink-DCi robot
  • Connect both computers, i.e. the embedded linux computer and the Windows PC, with an ethernet cable. Use the right LAN port on the embedded Linux Board.
    • The Windows computer needs to be set to an available static IP in the address range such as
    • (The Linux embedded computer has IP, subnet by default.)
  • Start the CPRog software (Version from June 3rd 2018 or later)
  • Verify that the project "robolink_5Axis_Small" (for robolink DCi with motor encoder) or "robolink_5Axis_Small_AE" (for robolink DCi with output encoder) is loaded in CPRog.
  • Press the "Connect" button in CPRog
  • Choose the menu button "Upper-left-circle --> Embedded Robot Control --> Download Binary"
  • Choose the current TinyCtrl binary that you have just downloaded
  • CPRog now stops the TinyCtrl binary, which is running on the robolink-DCi linux board and downloads the new version from the Windows PC to the linux board.
  • Choose the menu button "Upper-left-circle --> Embedded Robot Control --> Start Control" to start the new TinyCtrl binary.
  • To verify the TinyCtrl version that is installed on the linux board, you can check the logfile on the linux board from the Teach Pendant (touch screen remote).