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Caution! After a software update test your robot programs for compatibility and motion deviations first with small velocites!


Please find user guides for your robot here: Documentation.

CPRog for Windows

Here you can download the most up-to-date version of the CPRog Windows software! Please choose your robot:

Please see section Installation below for necessary drivers etc.!

TinyCtrl Embedded Linux

On CPR embedded controls the Linux software TinyCtrl is running. The Windows software CPRog is used to set up robot programs. The following updater contains the most up-to-date versions of TinyCtrl and CPRog. The update can be done with only few clicks!


When using the standard installation directory, the installation of the update is done on top of the current program version. This will not delete user generated files (program files or the license). However, it will update the standard configuration files in turn erase user changes made to those files. To prevent this rename the old installation e.g. to c:\CPRogold prior to running the installer.

Please run the CPRog_Installer_Vnnn.exe.

  • Installation has to be done in C:\CPRog.
  • CPRog requires .net framework 4.5 or higher.
  • To connect with the robot the driver package for the Peak-Systeme PCAN-USB adapter needs to be installed: PCAN-USB driver. Please restart the computer after installation.

Downward Compatibility

Hardware: The current software version is compatible to all igus robots and all Mover robots delivered in 2017 and later.

Robot Programs: The current software versions are compatible to the versions shipped since July 2018: V902-10-021 and higher.

Interfaces: Please see the according interface documentation.

If there are any incompatibilites please get to us, we can solve the problem!