Troubleshooting Referencing Issues

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Issues while referencing, e.g. an axis moving away from the referencing switch or not stopping at the switch, can be caused by wrong configuration or hardware defects. This article explains how to fix these issues.

Keep in mind that you need to restart the robot after changing the Firmware parameters by turning the robot off and back on.

Check the referencing switch

Both the referencing switch and the axis module have a yellow LED that shows whether the switch is triggered. The state of these LEDs may be inverted. To trigger the switch you can move the robot joint to the switch or hold a screwdriver near the switch.

Make sure that the LED of the axis module is turned on if the joint is triggered and turned off otherwise.

  • If the LED at the axis module does not change: Check the cabling.
  • If the state of the LED is inverted (LED is on if the axis is not in referencing position): Parameter "EndSwitchRising" in the Firmware parameters is inverted. Change it from True to False or the other way.

Check the referencing direction

This section applies to the linear referencing motion of gantry robots.

If the axis moves away from the referencing switch towards the far end the referencing direction might be wrong. To fix this change the sign of the "RefSpeed" and "RefSpeedSlow" parameters in the Firmware parameters from positive to negative or the other way.

Other issues

Please contact us if you encounter other issues while referencing.