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Menu for selecting the logic program file

In CPRog the main motion program is a single thread, it is not possible to define e.g. interrupts. To realize parallel running logic functionality a logic file can be loaded. This file is then interpolated in parallel to the main program.


Possibilities and Limitations

  • The logic program is defined in the same syntax as the main motion program
  • It should consist only of logic coammnds. Motion commands are computed, but not put into action
  • The changes to digital outputs and global signals are put into action
  • The changes override the settings of the motion program
  • The logic program is running in repeat mode whenever the motion program is running.

Set Up

  • Use the Menu entry "Configuration/Set Logic Program/Set Logic Program" to load a program
  • Now you can test the logic program
  • To permanently save the logic file to the project use the menu entry "Save Project"
  • Select the menu entry "Remove Logic Program" to remove the logic program, use "Save Project"


  • The file logic_blinkTest.xml switches the digital output DOut21 on and off

Side Effects

  • As mentioned above the digital output settings of the motion program are overridden.

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