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Set IP Address

To connect via ethernet to the embedded computer the IP adress of the PC has to be set to e.g. Follow according guides in the web.

The embedded computer comes with IP This article explains how to change it.



When the robot is not referenced cartesian motions and program replay are not allowed.

Reference the robot, see the documentation for details.

If the referencing procedure fails please check this article: Troubleshooting Referencing Issues

Reset and Enable

Press "Reset" and "Enable" buttons. A position lag error is normal after startup and referencing.

Referencing Joint5

When the referencing pin is too far away from the sensor the referencing takes long or might fail.

Manually position the referencing pin close to the sensor before starting the referencing.

Load Correct Project

When a wrong robot project is loaded the cartesian motions may not be correct.

Check if the loaded project fits to the used robot and load the correct one.

Define Zero Positions

If the zero positions are not correcly defined carteisn motions might be inaccurate.

To check perform a referencing and the move the joint to zero. Now the robot should be in a vertical / horizontal position referring to the joint holes.

If this is not the case adapt the offset in the amp parameter following the guide on the wiki.


Broken Connections

Check cables for broken connections or swapped connectors / cables.

Reverse Encoder Direction

Check if the encoder direction has to be changed in the amp firmware.

Loose Clutch

The clutch between the motor and the gear might be loose.

Turn the motor so that the screws can be accessed through the holes in the sheet metal around the clutch. Fasten the screws of the clutch. Apply loctite.

Add Lubricant

Add lubricant to the clutch to minimize motion sounds.

Replace Gear

The worm gear might be broken. Replace the broken part.

Reduce Sensor Distance

The distance between reference shensor and activating sheet metal might be too large. Reduce this distance.

Change Referencing Direction

The referencing direction if defined in the amp parameter by the entries RefSpeed and RefSpeedSlow. The referencing direction is reversed by changing the velocity from + to -, or otherwise around.


Release Emergency Stop

Release the emergency stop and retry.

Check Motor Bridge

Check if the motor bridge cable to and from an E-Stop relay is in place.

Motor Stall

The motor current is not high enough.

Increase the amp firmware parameter CSLoad and CSStart.

Motor Overheating

The motor current is too high, the motor gets too hot.

Decrease the amp firmware parameter CSLoad, CSStart and CSIdle.

Electronics Overheating

The electronic modules switch off when reaching a specific temperature. This temperature is set by the firmware parameter maxTemp.

When the modules get into the error state "EStop / Temp" due to variations in the temperature measurement you can increase the temp parameter. When the maxTemp parameter is set to 0 the temperature monitoring is switched off.

Fan Malfunction

When the fan on the motor modules is not working they might get too hot. The error code after stopping will be "EStop / Temp".

Check if the fan module is attached correctly to the modules and if the fan is running.

Wrong CAN ID

Check the adress switch on top of the electronic modules.

Motor modules should be 0, 2, 4, 6, 8.

Digital IO modules should be 0, 2, 4.

Firmware Parameter

Adapt the firmware parameter

Defect Electronic Module

Test another electronic module by swapping the connectors (not hot swapping, switch the robot control off before swapping). Check if the motor works with the new module it is connected to now. Replace the electronics module if it is the reason for the problem.

Corrupt SD Card

Information on the SD card of the display is missing.

Replace the SD card.

Check Power Supply

If there is power on a module the green LED of the module should be on. If it is not on check the following:

Check if there is power provided to the supply module

If not, check the fuse and the power lines.