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Cameras are an important part of a robot cell, e.g. for picking parts. This article shows the different options how to integrate a camera.

Interface for ifm O2D

The ifm O2D is a smart camera that can be connected directly to the iRC.

Configuration information and a introduction video are found here: Konfiguration

Detailed information and a set up video can be found here: Camera Interface


The iRC provides a Modbus interface to connect to a plc. Using this interface a camera can be connected. The iRC is a Modbus server, so it is possible to:

  • Connect a camera that serves as client
  • Connect a plc that serves as client for both, the iRC and the camera

Details on the Modbus interface are found here: Modbus_Server

CRI Ethernet Interface

The CRI ethernet interface is an open interface to the iRC, amongst other things it can be used to connect to a camera. This interface requires setting up an application in a high level language like C#.

Information and example code can be found here: CRI Ethernet Interface