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Below you will find links to the current versions of the robot control software.

  • CPRog: Robot control and programming software
  • igus Robot Control (iRC): Functionally equal to CPRog but with an igus specific selection of robots
  • TinyCtrl: The robot control software that runs on the embedded computer. It is controlled via CPRog, iRC or its interfaces.


Caution! After a software update test your robot programs for compatibility and motion deviations first with small velocites!

System Requirements

CPRog/iRC requires the following to run:

  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher
  • OpenGL 3.0 or higher
  • The driver from your graphics card manufacturer (the Microsoft default driver does not work)


Both CPRog and iRC are available as a standalone installer for Windows and bundled with the TinyCtrl updater.

Latest changes:

igus Robot Control


Installer for Windows

Updater CPRog and TinyCtrl


We are currently updating the CPRog documentation, until then please use the documentation for the iRC igus Robot Control. The functionality is identical.

You can find the user guide for your robot here: Documentation.



When using the standard installation directory, the installation of the update is done on top of the current program version. This will not delete user generated files (program files or the license). However, it will update the standard configuration files and erase user changes made to those files. To prevent this rename the old installation e.g. to c:\CPRogold prior to running the installer. You can copy your changed configurations over from the Data\Programs, Data\Projects, Data\Robots and Data\Tools directories inside the installation directory.

Please run the Installer_CPRog_V902_nn-nnn.exe. The installation has to be done in C:\CPRog.

Backward Compatibility

Hardware: The current software version is compatible to all igus robots and all Mover robots delivered in 2017 and later.

Robot Programs: The current software versions are compatible to the versions shipped since July 2018: V902-10-021 and higher. Configuration changes may cause different behavior so after an update please test the program with a low velocity override.

Interfaces: Please see the according interface documentation.

If there are any incompatibilites please get to us, we can solve the problem!