Project Configuration File

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The project configuration file contains settings for one specific robot. If you use multiple robots with different configuration you can use different project files for each of them.

Most changes can be done via the configuration area in CPRog/iRC. To access it click "File" -> "Configure Project" or "Configure Interfaces". If a robot is connected to while applying the changes will be synchronized to the embedded control. For special configurations the project files can be changed using a basic text editor.

Accessing the Project Configuration File

Both the simulation (CPRog/iRC on your PC) and the embedded robot control got a copy of the project file. When changing this file make sure to change both, otherwise the software may complain about inconsistent configuration or the simulation may behave different than the actual robot.

Simulation (CPRog/iRC on the PC)

The project configuration file of CPRog/iRC can be found in the installation directory under:


Embedded Robot Control (real robot)

Via CPRog/iRC

The project configuration file of the embedded control can be accessed via CPRog/iRC:

  1. Click File -> Access Configuration
  2. In the Project Configuration section click "Load..." to load the current configuration from the embedded control.
  3. Change the file with a basic text editor
  4. Write it back to the robot by clicking "Write..."
  5. Restart the robot to apply changes

Manual Access

If that does not work (e.g. when using an older version of CPRog/iRC) the project file can be found at one of the following locations. Read FTP and PuTTY Access on how to access files on the embedded control.



The most important parameters of the project configuration are the following.

We generally recommend changing these via the CPRog/iRC user interface to avoid mistakes.

Line Parameter Description
Robot Type Robot type - this defines the robot configuration file that is used
Program File, FileLogic The robot program file and logic program file that are loaded after starting the robot
Program Override The velocity override value (0-100, percent of maximum velocity)
Program Repeat Run the program once or repeat after it ends
PLCInterfaceRefSequence Referencing sequence
OperationModes Active Enables the operation mode switch - limits the velocity depending on operation mode
OperationModes ManualMaxVelMMPerSec Maximum cartesian velocity in manual mode
OperationModes DInOpModeAuto, DInEnableMotionInManualMode Digital inputs to enable manual and automatic mode
InteractionElements Defines which UI elements are shown in CPRog/iRC and which values are used when adding new commands to a robot program
CRIServer Active Enables the CRI server (only CPRog/iRC)
ModbusServer Active Enables the Modbus server
ModbusServer Port Port of the Modbus server
ModbusServer MaxConnections Maximum number of concurrent connections (only embedded control)
Cloud Cloud configuration
Joypad Settings for jogging the robot via a gamepad